Текст песни Tony Bennett - Love for Sale

When the only sound in the empty streetIs the heavy tread of the heavy feetThat belong to a lonesome copShe opens shopWhen the moon so long has been gazing downOn the wayward ways of this wayward townThen her smile becomes a smirkShe goes to workLove for saleAppetizing young love for saleLove that's fresh and still unspoiledLove that's only slightly soiledLove for saleWho will buy?Who would like to sample her supply?

Who's prepared to pay the priceFor a trip to paradise?Love for saleLet the poets pipe of loveIn their childish wayShe knows every type of loveBetter far than theyIf you want the thrill of loveShe's been through the mill of love.Old love. New love.Every love, but true love.Love for sale.Appetizing young love for sale.If you want to buy her wares,Follow her and climb the stairs.Love for sale [2x]
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