Текст песни Tony Bennett - Love

Love can be a moment's madness,Love can be insane,Love can be a life of sadness and pain.Love can be a summer shower,Love can be the sun,Love can be two hearts that flower as one.It can be fine and free,But it's trueIt doesn't always happen to you.Love can be a dying ember,Love can be a flame,Love pledged in SeptemberMay be dead in December,You may not ever remember it came.Love can be a joy foreverOr an empty name,Love is almost never ever the same.

Love can be a cup of sorrow,Love can be a lie,Love can make up tomorrow and sigh.Love can be a snow-capped mountain,Love can be the truth,Love can be an endless fountain of youth.It can be ecstasy,But that kindIs not so very easy to find.Love can be a four-score failure,Love can bring you fame,Love fresh as the morningMay be wild when it's burning,And then without any warning, it's tame.Love's a tie that's hard to severOr a losing game,Love is almost never ever the same!
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