Текст песни Tony Bennett - Ol' Man River

Here we all work 'long the MississippiHere we all work while the white folk playPullin' them boatsFrom the dawn till sunsetGettin' no rest till the judgment dayDon't look up and don't look downYou don't das make the boss man frownBend your knees and bow your headAnd pull that rope until your deadLet me go 'way from the MississippiLet me go 'way from the white man bossShow me that streamCalled the River JordanThat's the old stream that I long to cross.

Ol' Man River, that Ol' Man RiverHe don't say nothin', but he must know somethin'He just keeps rollin', he keeps on rollin' alongHe don't plant tatters, and he don't plant cottonAnd them what plants em, are soon forgottenBut Ol' Man River, just keeps rollin' alongYou and me, we sweat and strainBody all achin' and racked with painTote that barge and lift that bailYou get a little drunk and you lands in jailI gets wearyAnd sick of tryingI'm tired of livin', but I'm scared of dyin'But Ol' Man River, he just keeps rollin' along
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