Текст песни Tony Bennett - Sleepin' Bee

When you're in love and you are wonderin'If he really is the oneThere's an ancient sign sure to tell youIf your search is over and doneJust catch a bee and if he don't sting youYou're in a spell that's just begunIt's a guarantee ‘til the end of timeYour true love you have won, have won

When a bee lies sleepin' in the palm of your hand,You're bewitched, and deep in love's long looked-after land.Where you'll see a sun-up sky with a mornin' moon,And where the days go laughin' by, as love comes a callin' on you.Sleep on bee, don't waken, I can't believe what just passed.She's mine for the takin' I'm so happy at last.Maybe I dreams, but she seems sweet golden as a crownA sleepin' bee done told me, that I'll walk with my feet off the groundWhen my one true love, I has found.
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