Текст песни Tony Bennett - Taking a Chance on Love

Here I go againI hear the trumpets blow againI'm all aglow againTaking a chance on loveHere I slide againAbout to take the ride againI'm starry eyed againTaking a chance on loveNow I thought the cards were a frame upAnd I never would tryBut now I'm taking the game upAnd the Ace of Hearts is highThings are mending nowI see a rainbow blending nowWe'll have a happy ending now

We're taking a chanceI hear the trumpets blow againAnd we're taking a chanceAbout to take that ride againTaking a chanceNow I walk around with a horseshoeAnd in clover I lieMister Rabbit, Mister Rabbit of course youBetter kiss that foot good-byeI'm on the ball againRiding for a fall againI'm gonna give my all againTaking a chanceI'm taking a chanceI'm taking a chanceOn love
Слова и текст песни Tony Bennett - Taking a Chance on Love принадлежит его авторам.

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