Текст песни Tony Bennett - You Go to My Head

You go to my head And you linger like a haunting refrainAnd I find you spinning 'round in my brainLike the bubbles in a glass of champagneYou go to my head Like a sip of sparkling Burgundy brewAnd I find the very mention of youLike the kicker in a julep or twoThe thrill of the thought That you might give a thought to my plea

Cast a spell over meStill I say to myself get a hold of yourselfCan't you see that it never can beYou go to my head With a smile that makes my temperature riseLike a summer with a thousand July'sYou intoxicate my soul with your eyesThough I'm certain that this heart of mineHasn't a ghost of a chance in this crazy romanceYou go to my headYou go to my head
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