Текст песни Tori Amos - Wildwood

Wildwood, poppies. Wildwood, touch me... Behind the birches whirl The bongo boys In their summoning, The sound seeds now In the fingers of the eastern breeze Where the sleepless wait For her ascent from the perilous pit She said, The only way to change our fate It is to make you rain. Wildwood, poppies Wildwood, touch me... Past the Alders and the Oaks Through the Willow Grove snakes the Ivy's gift Which taught you can't escape anguish But how to live with it. Then reports from the robins Form in you an inner radiance It's as if they fused with a spirit you knew Who's come back again. Wildwood, poppies Wildwood, touch me... Off the pilgrim's path With the talisman he placed in my hands With its magic mapped from winter's past It leads the way. After three long months Endured with her absent Over dragon lines we walked The current, a labyrinth With little green corn shoots Now in abundance As the forest celebrates She says, make it rain. Wildwood, poppies Wildwood, touch me Touch me again...
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