Текст песни Tory Lanez - Uber Everywhere

[Verse] Took the Uber to your house now Took the Uber to your house now I just took the Uber, yeah yeah Cause I'm rolling with the shooters, yeah yeah Hella choppers, hella rugers, yeah yeah Down to lift you like a movie, yeah yeah yeah Shawty always got the lean, yeah She want to fuck the one umbrella team, yeah Put your bitch in Uber X, yeah yeah In Dubai I Uber jet, yeah yeah I took Uber to your crib Ain't gon' lie girl I was fucked up off the shits Fuck with me I bring two bad ones to the crib Fuck with me I bring new backwoods to the crib And every bitch a nigga fucked be on my dick No I don't know I ain't always come down to this My only rule is just don't hit me on my trap phone You know I can't get caught up on my trap phone Five stars to my Uber, yeah Help me smoke up in the Uber Cause I don't need no xan, need no lean I keep this shit clean, Hennessy and weed when I do her Uber on the way, yeah yeah So you get on your way, yeah yeah Rounding up the bitches like I'm Nino Took this flow from Travis I know he know (Straight up!) I got a brand new scheme for kicking up out of this When she come up in the crib ain't sucking on no dick I'm a put her in that Uber and put her on that trip Halfway through the ride I'm canceling that shit, yeah Halfway through the ride I'm canceling that shit, yeah Shit, you the shit, with the Kylie Jenner lips You know I'm that singing nigga I might give Kylie Jenner dick With them Black Chyna hips they collide in this shit Oh I knew you was a trick, you slip and slide in that shit It be me and Play Picasso ain't no Metro in this hoe I be stunting, I be gas like it's petrol in this hoe And them bitches vote for me it's like I'm Pedro in this hoe I be changing all my exes like a gecko in this hoe, yeah Riding round the city with the lean on my face Kellz ain't reading books but he got magazines on his waist I might swipe you for these bottles got 13 on the way I'm a fly nigga ain't no Robin jeans on my waist Pussy boy I'll slap that smile clean off your face You don't know no trap niggas you don't be round this way You some actor nigga boy I used to see you on the screen Now skrt skrt all that Uber whip around the way Uber everywhere
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