Текст песни Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Fate

[Ghosts and Spirits:]Faith and beliefAnd retreatWhen you're standing all aloneWith your dreams in the darkNever knowing what is realIn the shadows you meetNever knowing what is trueIn the answers you seekNever knowing ifFate, she hears meFate, stand near meFate, state clearlyWhether there will be another cardRetrieve usTime deceives usFaith she hears usBut she doesn't listen very hard

As she drifts through our livesTossing coins into the airWatch them twistWatch them fallTurning hope into despairWatch them twistWatch them fallThen she suddenly revivesEvery dream that we've hadAnd we find ourselves aliveBelieve meFate, stands near meFate, state clearlyWhether there will be another cardReceive usTime deceives usThe only moment in our livesThat ever really mattered, fate is now
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