Текст песни Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Vienna

[Young Beethoven:]Since I was a childI've seen her in a dreamA captured fairy taleThat echoes 'cross my lifeAnd though I've courted herShe's always stayed unseenNow all at once she,Glitters in the nightBut that was yesterdayAnd that all was beforeWhen she was far awayA silhouette of dreamsBut others whisperedThat she was so much moreAnd suddenly I nowKnow what they meanDreams changeYears strain

Lost illusionsLast standsGod's handAbsolutionFoundFairy tale sinsVisions by GrimmAll forgivenLives spent in vainNever reclaimedTake their final bowsPictures and wordsVisions absurdMaddened poetsAll within sightFailures in lifeWho'll never know itLazarus criesThere in his eyesHope has risenDepth and facadeAll before me nowVienna
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