Текст песни Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Vienna

[Young Beethoven:] Since I was a child I've seen her in a dream A captured fairy tale That echoes 'cross my life And though I've courted her She's always stayed unseen Now all at once she, Glitters in the night But that was yesterday And that all was before When she was far away A silhouette of dreams But others whispered That she was so much more And suddenly I now Know what they mean Dreams change Years strain Lost illusions Last stands God's hand Absolution Found Fairy tale sins Visions by Grimm All forgiven Lives spent in vain Never reclaimed Take their final bows Pictures and words Visions absurd Maddened poets All within sight Failures in life Who'll never know it Lazarus cries There in his eyes Hope has risen Depth and facade All before me now Vienna
Слова и текст песни Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Vienna принадлежит его авторам.

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