Текст песни Trans-Siberian Orchestra - What Good This Deafness

[Beethoven:]What good this deafnessThat my whole life I have dreadWhat good this deafnessWith these voices in my headWhat good this deafnessIf this prattle I must hearIf I were blind I'm sure they wouldn't disappear[Twist:]Did you really want to believe what you're saying

Did you really want to be here aloneHave I interrupted a moment of prayingWhile your life's decayingYour sins are they weighingWhile you've been carving your stoneAll on your ownDid you really want to sit here in silenceCould it be that brooding is part of your artIs it an extension of artistic licenseA moody defianceOf all of life's tyrantsWhile you've been searching your heartAlone with us in the dark
Слова и текст песни Trans-Siberian Orchestra - What Good This Deafness принадлежит его авторам.

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