Текст песни Trans-Siberian Orchestra - What Is Eternal

[Beethoven:] And here in the nightAs I feel the infernoI stare in the darkThinking what is eternalThe man or the momentThe act or the reasonThese thoughts fill my headAs I contemplate treasonOf dreams I have hadAnd dreams I have ponderedWhen late in the nightMy mind it would wanderTo things I have doneAnd then quickly regrettedWhile denying vicesMy life had selectedAnd I think what I've doneOr have yet to begin and the man I've becomeAnd the man that I've beenNow caught in a waltzWith the eternal dancerI'm courted by deathBut death isn't the answerI sayAll I wasMeant to beCould ISuddenlyJust decideNot a thoughtWould surviveCould it beMy life's worthEnded thereWith my birthIf I could see someoneWho's been there before meAnd traded his soulFor a moment of gloryHis penance or mercy

By spirits debatedWhile judged on a scaleThat's been heavily weightedAnd what have I doneCould there be such a sinIn this man I've becomeIn this man that I've beenNow calling to GodFrom the pit's very bottomI pray He forgivesEvery sin I've forgottenThis dayAnd who would have thoughtThat my fate it would conjureThis twist in the roadOn which I have wanderedEach vision and dream nowCompletely dismemberedTo give one's whole lifeAnd find nothing's rememberedAnd what good is a lifeThat leaves nothing behindNot a thought or a dreamThat might echo in timeThe years and the hoursThe seconds and minutesAnd everything thatMy life has placed in itBetrayedBetrayedBetrayedThe things I have doneThe places I've beenThe cost of my dreamsThe weight of my sinsAnd everything thatI've gathered in lifeCould it be lostCould it be lost in thisCould it be lost in thisCould it be lost in this Night
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