Текст песни Traveling Wilburys, the - Congratulations

Congratulations for breaking my heart Congratulations for tearing it all apart Congratulations, you finally did succeed Congratulations for leaving me in need This morning I looked out my window and found A bluebird singing, but there was no one around At night, I lay alone in my bed With an image of you goin' around in my head Congratulations for bringing me down Congratulations, now I'm sorrow bound Congratulations, you got a good deal Congratulations, how good you must feel

I guess that I must have loved you more than I ever knew My world is empty now 'cause it don't have you And if I had just one more chance to win your heart again I would do things differently, but what's the use to pretend? Congratulations for making me wait Congratulations, now it's too late Congratulations, you came out on top Congratulations, you never did know when to stop Congratulations Congratulations Congratulations Congratulations
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