Текст песни Travis Scott - A Team

[Travis] (A-Team, A-Team) Please don't try to play us (A-Team, aw, A-Team) Please don't try to play us (A-Team, aw, A-Team) Call my B up, call Sherita Let's link up, ain't no days off 'Less I'm paid off, these niggas play soft We just play ball A-Team, won't you sign her Join my roster, you a scholar A-Team, know you ready My right hand steady, coach you if you let me A-Team, got that A1 A1 steak sauce, aw can't take loss

A-Team, join my FIFA Roll my weed up, keep my D up Aw, A-Team Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh A- When I back off the curb In back of the back the Batmobile heard I'm back on alert I'm back what's the word, I'm back what's the word I'm back in the third They back on my mind they back on my nerves Can't take back the time so I'm back, back, back spending I'm back on the splurge, I'm back on the splurge They jump when I jump out then jump in and swerve swerve It's halftime gon' show that, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah I'm a dog you know that Can't be from New Jersey how you throw back
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