Текст песни TraviS Scott - Never Catch Me

She take a shot of Hennessy I take a shot of Pimp C and slow up I do this shit for him and me I'm the next lone star to blow-up Picture being locked in a box Selling beats cause you need dollars They say I can make it to the league, mama 500 dollars all we need, mama Then we gon' be on Tired of seeing the lights off Pops heatin' up the stove Was close to stealing and killing, now just to get 'em on Couple drinks down of Rosé I'm tipsy, y'all faces done look like an emoji The rav four turned into a Rover Til' it took flight and ended up on the shoulder Now my money a little longer Lookin' back how we finnesin', we ain't know shit They gave me three, got twenty five on the low Who knew that lump sum would get me on My fifty seconds last a little longer, longer I can shit all day, diaper Call that eat all day, itis Will I ever fall off? I doubt it No no no no All these diamonds shinin' All this gold on me, all these foes on us How do I dodge these zombies They want my soul from me Know that I'm gone, but one thing They will never catch me Falling off, falling off Never catch me falling off Falling off, never catch me Falling off, falling off Never catch me falling off, falling off (oohh ohh oohh) Right (oohh ohh oohh) Right (oohh ohh oohhh)
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