Текст песни Tricky - 6 Minutes

Six Minutes I’m on (repeat)

It’s a long way from Knowle West to Hollywood

I’ve never seen a triple beam

from LA to NY I eat pork make ’em scream

Six minutes I’m on

I’m premenstrual I bleed because I’m not a vegetable

Six minutes I’m on

Lies don’t suit me I think it’s my duty to say I don’t like guns

And in them comes spoil the rude boys funds

I’m resilian I don’t just wanna make a million

And if the radio shows throw low blows

we do this with or without the air play

Like a cycle forget about Michael

I’m gonna take this time out for a promotional click

Durban Poison artist are the smartest

In this industry full of vomit

My voodoo make ’em sick

My voodoo make ’em sick

Now when people got a good thing they want to make it a bigger thing

Bullet proof from the truth

now it’s gone to far

and all the tough guys are dropping like flies

Like old styles and riches and those industry bitches

I hear they’re taking over the benches

to be high paid wenches

Forget the champaign at the bar you need A&R

Is this making music or money?

I can’t make my mind up

They think they’re safe ’cause they’re signed up

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