Текст песни Tricky - Bad Dream

This is a matter of utmost urgency

You might even call it a police emergency

Suckers got ill when they finally heard the G

Wasn’t sellin’ out, they tried to murder me

Reached for my jammy like a troop’s supposed to do

Never let a sucker get too close to you

Heard ’em comin’, ducked behind the wall

Then saw the whites of his eyes, the first one had to fall

Another bug creeped up the fire escape

Trying to sneak, I guess he snuck too late

Lookin’ like a scene from Real Life Vice

The way his head fell apart like a block of solid ice

Uzi does it, come to think of it

Dude had a nine, but his wasn’t as fast as mine

I heard the phone ring, should I answer?

This is gettin’ serious as terminal cancer

And that is the final stage, my primal rage

Began to rise and I started to fantasize

How many more might try to rush the door

And blast their way in, hell, I ain’t stayin’

I opened the back door and felt the summer night heat

Saw a bunch of bugs wearin’ white sheets

What else could it mean? I know it ain’t Halloween

The cross in the background burnin’ made a ill scene

First I was panicky, then I was angry

One creep even had a rope ready to hang me

Now who am I supposed to be? Eddie Spaghetti?

You come and vic Rob G any time you’re ready?

Fuck that, they had me trapped so I rushed back

They tried to bust me but they don’t have enough caps

I dipped, dived, slipped, slid, they missed me

I had to move quick or they was bound to get me

One bullet grazed me, that didn’t phase me

What could I say? I was havin’ a fucked up day

Stood up and took aim, my finger on the trigger

I shouted “;Now let me hear you say nigger!”;

Well anyway, nobody spoke or went for broke

The place was all clouded up from gunsmoke

And everything got quiet, I don’t buy it

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