Текст песни Tricky - Brand New You're Retro

e know, yes we know i set my ego on fantastic. still, you're fuckin' with my plastic take a second and medicate it dedicated, medicated, they bend and break me overrate me i take a small piece and make it breathe it takes a second to wreck Takes a second for a hit sucka niggas won't believe They stress me, test me, vex me So what, you got a gun? that shit don't impress me you, you, you always walks with a crew you're a motherfucker cos' you're not alone... (and) you don't think i'm a brother, then check my chromosome brand new, you're retro i already passed you on a 1-2 i've been cued to this already Bullet to the head. bullet to the head, do you think I's joking? What the fuck are you doin'? You wanna represent my attention? You need more than a mike and a mention. Through the scars you see bars Through the bars you see scars results of my rage. Brand new, you're retro. (x3)
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