Текст песни Tricky - Demise

So you like to demise with your pen I was the same back when Then and now, I wanna change but don't know how Do's and don'ts - don'ts I don't like She's not Tina and I'm not like Ike But what was Ike like Is Ike what you write I don't know, I don't know We'll disarm ya, ask Julian Palmer Only joking, too much smoking But It's Ok, it's Ok We've been thru too much yesterday Tell you what we'e gonna do They'll protect me from me, I'll protect from you By any means by any means Please won't you try Stop me talking like a tough guy Subject matter's love Subject matter's love What would I need another enemy I know I love you I can feel you in my energy I'm too scared to be a gun totting gangster wanna-be I've got too much love inside of me Met you on mondalay
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