Текст песни Tricky - Ghetto Youth

(vocals by Sky) Me's a ghetto youth Me come from straight dung ina the ghetto Seen, Rockfort, Warica Seen, Matches Lane Jungle Heights all I and I are one. Me a tell ya All Bull Bay Heights and dem heights dey. Yeah wick dem up Seen, I you a hear me Wicked ina de ghetto mi bredda Wicked to the mass And you done know the man have youth and youth a come up (translation- boys become men) And you see when And the father drop out Dem no know no father so dem come up tun gunman. (tun=turn) Me done know, because a so de ghetto (so=saw) run a so the politician do it dem bring in a bag a gun and barrage a ting and seen run pon youth and then when you check it out. Dem send dem police friend to come for dem gun And dem say dem not running gun and dem tings deh. And bere tings in a ghetto (translation-that`s how things are in the ghetto) Seen, man no stop kill man. Seen, man no stop rob man. A no dem tings deh we want ina Jamaica (trans.- we don't want those things in the ghetto) We want love, unity, seen, strength and energy. Yeah, we want a whole heap of things to go on for the ghetto youth all next year. You done know me as one a dem uprighting ghetto youth, Seen, so we a start from way down dey so. (trans.- ";we start at the bottom of the barrel";) We no just a come from no way and a come up ya so. (trans- we don't just come from nowhere, we're right here) A way dung de so man a come from. Say man a come way from the rock, when me say de rock, me mean the rock, Seen, Them a [??] and them come to the [??] industrial [??] caribbean country [??] We no got no royalty, know what me say? Yeah, get up in a place them call [?] Them sitting in a store. Gas with plane, gas to this, gas to that, gas to everything. Ever have a little fire get wet? Wow, them has not said a word. I a don't know my little friend over there sir. Sure when all left [??] See Tricky? [??] old things. I a do know ya up front man. Yes me brother, Sky the yes sir. [??] I tell ya, the youth. Ya'll god bless [??], trust me. I wanna show ya'll a thing about the ghetto. See the ghetto is a [case a pop, lollipop, all of them pop there]. Yeah, I and I a juggle them from nine from down yes sir. See ya know just call me sister [?] See ya don't know man no ghetto youth, see? Straight boy original, see? Yeah, and noboby can fool and nobody can come use we. Yeah, that's the way we run things.
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