Текст песни Tricky - Hell Is Round The Corner

I stand firm for our soil lick a rock on foil Say reduce me, seduce me, Dress me up as Tootsie [in Stussey]. Hell is round the corner where I shelter. Ism's and schisms, we're living helter skelter [been livin' on a study] If you believe and deceive common sense says shouldn't receive Let me take you down the corridors of my life. And when you walk, do you walk to your preference? No need to answer till I take furthur evidence. I seem to need a reference to get residence. A reference to your preference to say, I'm a good neighbor, I trudge, So judge me for labour, live version of the song. The bond on me ensures [lobotomy] my good behavior The constant strum insures my insanity. Passing the ignorance ensures the struggle for my family We're hungry beware of our appetite. Distant drums bring the news of a kill tonight. The kill which I share with my passengers. We take our fill, take our fill, take our fill. [repeat first four lines] Confused by different memories, Details of Asian remedies
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