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(Tricky/Terry Hall) (Tricky)I confide to anything [I can vow [vibe] to anything] So I have to hide from everything. Everybody wants a piece of me. You see origin and cease to be. Sit back and let it happen, Let us take your time away. I don't understand you. I don't want your time of day. If you're gonna walk, might as well walk your way, Always up the hallways, Forget the punk, I pack the funk. I'm gonna take a piece of you. Making money for good health, but first I learn to see myself (x2) You've promised me poems (x3) (Terry Hall) I rue the day that I ever met you, And deeply regret you getting close to me. I cannot wait to deeply neglect you, Deeply forget you, Jesus believe me, You promised me poems. You might have been my reason for livin' I gave up on givin', gave up everything. We were a right pair of believers A couple of dreamers, so how come You hate me? You promised me poems (x4). (Martina) Dreamed of ringing voices, [Note: a possible allusion to Zora Neale Huston's Their Eyes Were Watching God]
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