Текст песни Tricky - Sex Drive

The first 2 lines should be replaced with: What you gonna do with your sex drive? wait for your soul to catch up with me concretely seen i talk to him i wanna lie she looks at me i wanna hide wanna be rich and fat How do I validate that? i think every time to fluid i cut my mouth... do i, returning into there can i rest my head on your chest and dribble you know the rules i speaks in riddle pain is somewhere along the line(2x) It takes courage and strength to be single when you get older your body won't look so good this is the peak, the best time for a relationship i'm the only shiek in moscow i said if you're in love let go my hand now the older i get the more confused i am the older i get the more bitter i am damn it jesus they want more more pleasure more Regis i sway one way with my head down i don't wanna get a conflicting mind state
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