Текст песни Tricky - Suffocated Love

it's too good it's too nice she makes me finish too quick is it love? no not love she turns my sexual trick she says she's mine, i know she lies first, i scream, then i cry. take a second of me you beckon, i'll bleed she suffocates me she suffocates me with suggestion i asked 'do you feel the same?' and later on, maybe i'll tell you my real name she's so good, she's so bad You understand, I can't expand Now I could just kill a Man [I can't understand how I could just kill a man] she's on her knees, i say please I cross her city lines, she's got brown eyes i think ahead of you, i think instead of you will you spend your life with me and stifle me? i know why the caged bird sings, i know why... Forgive and you're forgiven kingdom come can you wait for yours, i need to taste some life's pretty funny, i laugh while she spends my money she's my freak i guess i'm weak you ask what is this? mind your business I pass my idle days with my idle ways 'til the twelfth of always She walks my hallways i keep her warm, but we never kiss she cuts my slender wrists let's waste some more time [thats worth some more time] i sign the dotted line a different level she-devil
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