Текст песни Troy Ave - Bang Bang

[Intro: Troy Ave]Bang, bang, BSB Gang, you heard it? Got 'em[Verse 1: Troy Ave]Why these niggas frontin'? They gon' make me slowI ain't never frontin', run down and dump 'emYou ain't really tough, you a bluff, niggaOur bitches roll hotter than you sucka niggas[Hook: Troy Ave]Bang, bang, BSB the gangBang, bang, BSB the gangBang, bang, BSB the gangI'm gettin' money, you should do the same[Verse 2: Troy Ave]Chillin' in my crib, whippin' cocoJust me and my dawg, it's a fo' fo'Then I get a call like, "What up, bro?" ("Hey, what up?")We found out where he live, got the whole dough (Word?)Lay up on his flo', spray 'em on the flo'A nigga blowin' smoke, ain't no neighbors saw (I don't know)Tell a friend, he tell a friend, small issue, all issuesI'm big on revenge, nigga[Hook][Verse 3: 50 Cent]

Nigga, you talkin' like you just moved a couple bricksYeah, them Brooklyn niggas do be 'bout that bullshitI got a couple shooters ridin' with a couple strapsTen shots a piece, we don't need more than thatSince a shorty I had drama with all kind of niggasSquashed the beef, then doubled back so I could line the niggaHe just moved to that spot, how they find that?Get the drop, let it pop, niggas, time that[Hook][Verse 3: Troy Ave]People say I sound like Fif, okay dummyI guess I sound like I'm just gettin' moneyLet me check, yup, money I gotI made it off the block to a Bentley dropWhippin', sellin' powder, now I got the power[50 Cent]100k an hour, my paper stack like a towerStripper bitch, she shake it, she shake it, I make it showerThe fucks you wanna fly, we shoot the shit out a cowardCome on[Hook]
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