Текст песни Troy Ave - Bang Bang

[Intro: Troy Ave] Bang, bang, BSB Gang, you heard it? Got 'em[Verse 1: Troy Ave] Why these niggas frontin'? They gon' make me slow I ain't never frontin', run down and dump 'em You ain't really tough, you a bluff, nigga Our bitches roll hotter than you sucka niggas[Hook: Troy Ave] Bang, bang, BSB the gang Bang, bang, BSB the gang Bang, bang, BSB the gang I'm gettin' money, you should do the same[Verse 2: Troy Ave] Chillin' in my crib, whippin' coco Just me and my dawg, it's a fo' fo' Then I get a call like, "What up, bro?" ("Hey, what up?") We found out where he live, got the whole dough (Word?) Lay up on his flo', spray 'em on the flo' A nigga blowin' smoke, ain't no neighbors saw (I don't know) Tell a friend, he tell a friend, small issue, all issues I'm big on revenge, nigga[Hook] [Verse 3: 50 Cent] Nigga, you talkin' like you just moved a couple bricks Yeah, them Brooklyn niggas do be 'bout that bullshit I got a couple shooters ridin' with a couple straps Ten shots a piece, we don't need more than that Since a shorty I had drama with all kind of niggas Squashed the beef, then doubled back so I could line the nigga He just moved to that spot, how they find that? Get the drop, let it pop, niggas, time that[Hook] [Verse 3: Troy Ave] People say I sound like Fif, okay dummy I guess I sound like I'm just gettin' money Let me check, yup, money I got I made it off the block to a Bentley drop Whippin', sellin' powder, now I got the power[50 Cent] 100k an hour, my paper stack like a tower Stripper bitch, she shake it, she shake it, I make it shower The fucks you wanna fly, we shoot the shit out a coward Come on [Hook]
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