Текст песни Turisas - As Torches Rise

I take a look around, The blood of our men has painted the ground There are corpses lying everywhere Some try to pray, some cry in despair As our enemy cuts its way through our lines Desperate thoughts take over our minds Is this to be the end of our days? The overwhelming enemy Rides our front lines down With hate in their faces, with hate in their sound Hundreds of men lying wounded on the ground No one can help them, To their destiny they're bound I think of my family, I think of my home Interrupted by a fearful tone: "We're practically dead, they'll slaughter us all!" Through a cloud of dust I see our right wing fall This cursed war will swallow us all What will happen to our loved-ones, The ones we're fighting for? I will not stand and watch this army fall We will fight back, hear us roar Pull our lines together Our fury is greater than the worst stormy weather I grasp the sword in my hand, this is for my brothers, This is for my land With blood on my face to battle I ride With dust in my eyes, with faith in my heart Until death do us part From the skies a man came down to earth He lead our way and rode first How dark the night may seem A new day always heals I stroll across the field, the morning has broken, Our victory's been sealed The hooves have plowed the ground to mud, Familiar faces in ponds of blood A snowflake lands on my face, Melts and runs away The sun rose red that day
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