Текст песни Turisas - The Land of Hope And Glory

Far away, where the sunshine never fadesThere lies this land, the greatest of talesA strong golden gate now slowly moves asideIn walks a man, exhausted by the tideFinally, I've reached my destinyI've crossed the western sea for the land of hope and gloryIn front of me stands the glorious grand cityA feeling that I can breathe, and be freeSurrounding golden walls, finest marble covers the hallsSilver-plated streets that glimmer and shineStatues, monuments and fountains filled with wineAnd trees nearly touching the skyIn the land of hope and gloryI head to the greatest hall,Take a deep breath and open the doorIs this the land of hope and glory?Sitting on a golden throne,An ape holding a sceptre of boneIt utters: "The die is cast."Surrounding golden walls...

ReminiscenceEchoes from the homelandKaikuen laulu raikaa takaa ulapanKotimaan rannat kutsuu poikaa PohjolanHoist the sails, it's time to leave these lands behindRain or hail won't stop me, I have made up my mindSurrounded by dark emptinessThe sea is cold and mercilessAll alone, I'm heading homeOver the vast sea, wide and so deepAhti I greet thee, I'm heading home!The wind is rising, cold and bitingIlmarinen I greet theeNorthern shores - I'm homeNo surrounding golden walls, no marble covered hallsNo silver-plated streets that glimmer and shineNo statues, monuments nor fountains filled with wineOnly trees touching the skyFar away, where sunshine never fadesThere lies this land, the greatest of tales
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