Текст песни Twenty One Pilots - Drown

Here I come, come to you In the very clothes That I killed, killed you in and Now I know I'm alone I walk to you, rain falls from you Can you wash me Can you drown me I wanna be a lot of things So much pent up inside of me I wanna be strong, too long I've sat here undecidedly Planning strategy Half of me knows it's all just a fallacy Failing miserably, drastically And then I crash dramatically Into a wall I've hit a hundred times before And yet I still ignore the dark red blood stains On the floor and I'm back In front of you lord With blood on the floor Is the blood mine or yours? Don't wanna do this anymore Back and forth between being me and me And who you call me to be You see a man, free, Who thinks he has to buy a key to a door But he can't 'cause he's poor And he can't fall down anymore 'Cause he's already on the floor And his heart is broken and all And this is his scar But it's warm from cry 'Cause he will try nine times Realize nine crimes But he has more than nine lives So he picks himself up And keeps climbing for the prize Again... Here I come, again to you Just to show that blood soaked through Through my bones, and all I own Is there a way for me to grow? I walk to you, rain falls from you Can you wash me? Can you drown me? Please... Every time I feel selfish ambition Is taking my vision My crime is my sentence Repentance is taking commission It's taking a toll On my soul I'm screaming submission and I don't know if I am dying or living 'Cause I will save face For name's sake Abuse grace Take aim to obtain a new name And a newer place But my name is lame I can't walk and I ain't the same And my name became A new destiny to the grave They say the ocean's blue But it's black right now In the dark, on the sand Looking out at my crowd Depression and drowning singing now their full parts And lightning reveals where the ocean stops And the sky starts I've been told by the sky That the ocean I shall win But it's hard for me to see Where ocean stops and sky begins Random strikes of light remind me of what is true But right now the ocean's blacker than black The sky is too (is too)
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