Текст песни Twenty One Pilots - Tonight

The young boy wants to move ahead And the old man sings 'rewind'. I wonder when in this timeline We'll break to the other side. Maybe there's a span of time When we feel we're neither nor. Not wanting to go back again And not wanting to go forth. The point of life must be Pretty dark and hopeless; terrifying. And if you're asking me when that is... [x4] It must be tonight. The old man sits all by himself And thinks of better years When he used to believe in stars And would dream away his fears. The young boy moves so fast he Doesn't see the stars above, And all his dreams are crushed by old man Who didn't dream enough. We must all agree, There's a point in life Where darkness breaks our Brittle hopes and dreams And I'd say... [x8] It must be tonight. Save me. And it must be tonight. It must be tonight. Save me tonight. It must be tonight.
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