Текст песни Twenty One Pilots - Twin Size Mattress

This is for the lions living in the wiry broke down frames of my friends bodies.When the flood water comes, it ain't gonna be clear. It's gonna look like mud.But I will help you swim.I will help you swim.I'm gonna help you swim.This is for the snakes and the people they bite;For the friends I've made; for the sleepless nights;For the warning signs I've completely ignored.There's an amount to take, reasons to take more.It's no big surprise you turned out this way.When they close their eyes and prayed you would changeAnd they cut your hair, and sent you awayYou stopped by my house the night you escapedWith tears in my eyes, I begged you to stayYou said, “Hey man, I love you but no fucking way”I'm sure that we could find something for you to do on stage.Maybe shake a tambourine or when I sing, you sing harmonies.This is for the lake that me and my friends swim in, naked and dumb on a drunken night

And it should've felt good but I can hear the Jaws theme song on repeat in the back of my mindMake sure you kiss your knuckles before you punch me in the faceThere are lessons to be learned, consequences for all the stupid things I sayAnd it is no big surprise you turned out this way.The spark in her eyes, The look on your face.I will not be late.I'm sure we could find something for you to do on stage.Maybe shake a tambourine or when I sing you sing harmonies.I wanna contribute to the chaos.I don't wanna watch and then complain,'Cause I am through finding blameThat is the decision that I have made.She hopes I'm cursed forever toSleep on a twin-sized mattressIn somebody's attic or basement my whole life,Never graduating up in size to add anotherAnd my nightmares will have nightmares every nightOh, every night. Every night.

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