Текст песни Ugo Blk - Fiendin'

Forever, baby
You wanna make a n*gga beg for it, I turn the tables on you make you fiend for it when I'm coming down
We ain't sleeping through the late night, play fight, fore play, she gon get it up then it's going down
You my pretty brown round girl you drive me wild, you the only one that matter like an only child
I'm finna knock it out the park, I ain't hittin fouls, she gon cheer for a n*gga loudest out the crowd
I don't really need a spoon for what I'm finna eat, head first swan dive in your deep sea
Warm my body in your water when I'm in it deep, then climax catch a view up in pleasure's peak
Stargazing when we lock eyes, girl you tighter than Mob ties, shawty fly as a hawk eye
Baby fresher than Off-White Uhh
Shawty fly as a hawk eye, baby fresher than all white uhh, she an angel up in all white sheesh
Cool it off take a break uhh, but dont make a n*gga wait uhh
For too long I been fiendin uhh, lick her neck she start creamin
When we done she wet dreamin, what we do is our secret
She threw it back and I freaked it, she gon front but I freaked it
She my week and the weekend, I can't part ways with bae
I need your body everyday, I need you in the worst way
I know you headed home from work, that 9 to 5 finna earn you a 69
And once I get you out that shirt, my my my my, gaddamn my baby fine uhh
Take a shower for a minute uhh, rub you down for I lick it uhh
Do what grown folks do, content real explicit
Smack it up then I flip it, hit her spot and she fidget
She try to fight so defensive, but climax through the tension
Girl you badder then the new Mona Lisa, silhouette sick A+ on all features

Body language talk every line I'm finna read ya
Feedback yea I need that, I beat that guarantee that
I'm in her mind she gon relapse, she deep throat me like a Giraffe uhh, aye
We get nasty when we do it aye, sheesh, we're both our worst influence uhh, yea
When we f*ck fight therapeutic aye, uhh, slow grind so fluid whoo, sheesh
P*ssy lips still droolin, body hot still fumin, uhh
Burning rubber I'm zoomin sheesh, beat it up Metro Boomin

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