Текст песни Uriah Heep - Fallen Angel

Fallen angel...Everyone I see reminds me of youI keep turnin' roundExpectin' you to be thereI keep seein' our pastThrough my looking glassBut fallen angelWhere are you nowFallen angel...After all these yearsI remember the tearsWhen we parted you saidDon't forget meYou were ridin' so highNow they're passin' you byGirl I've never forgot youPlease come and get me

Fallen angel...Livin' without you isHard enough anywayBut knowin' you're hurtin'Makes it so much worse every dayI just wanna love youAny way that I canAnd watching you cry wasn'tPart of my planFallen angel...Tell me how did it feelIn your promised landThat you chose asYour pain and your pleasureA temporary sanctuaryOh fallen angelI'm your real treasure
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