Текст песни Uriah Heep - One More Night (Last Farewell)

One more nigh ...City lights areBurning in the distanceSeems they're tellin' meTo hurry homeBut I can't push theseWheels of mine no harderSo hold on baby forOne more night aloneThere's time for me to take justOne look over my shoulderOne last glance at

What's been going on'cause I'll be there atFirst light in the morningWe'll pick up the piecesAnd baby, then we'll be long gonePick up the pieces and run with meAs fast as you canYou know you always saidI was the manPick up the pieces, let's do it nowLet's say our last farewellTomorrow may be too lateAs far as I can tell
Слова и текст песни Uriah Heep - One More Night (Last Farewell) принадлежит его авторам.

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