Текст песни Uriah Heep - Whad' Ya Say

Whad' ya say...Lady you're tyin' me downTurning my heart to stoneAnd I can't help feelingI'd be better offBack out in the streets aloneBaby you're hurtin' meDeserting me againI looked for your loyaltyAnd found a fickle friendWe could try to get backOn the right track baby

Or leave it, just throw it awayWe could pick it up, pack it upMake up or break upLet's try it againWhad' ya say...Faced with this situationThere's two things we can doA lot of it is up to usBut most of it's down to youYou know we shouldn't play with loveIt's a dangerous thing to doSo let's not get agonyAnd ecstasy confused
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