Текст песни Usher - Chains

[Music Video] [Intro: Child]With liberty and justice for allJ-j-j-justice for all? [Verse 1: Bibi Bourelly (Usher) Together ]I'mma get mine, you should get yours tooShooting, shooting, shooting, man them boys always shoot(American dream, American man too)Shooting, shooting, shooting, watch them boys always shoot(And I-I-I-I been so tired of being insecureSo tired of)I've had enough runningRunning, and running and running and running(Running)Running, and running and running and running and(Running enough)Just give it upI don't give a fuckI've had enoughY'all give a fuck? NoLight the fireI've had enoughRunning, and running and running and runningRunning, and running and running and running and [Hook: Usher & Bibi Bourelly]You act like the changeTryna throw me in chainsDon't act like you saving usIt's still the sameMan don't act like I made it upYou blaming usLet's keep it one hundredYou gave the name to usNiggaWe still in chains

We still in chainsWe still in chainsWe still in chainsWe still in chainsWe still in chainsWe still in chainsYou put the shame on us [Post-Hook: Usher & Bibi Bourelly]Now, now, now shame on usNowNow, now, now shame on usNow, now, now [Verse 2: Usher (Bibi Bourelly) Together]Moment of silenceAmerican school and we in church too (Don't shoot)Shooting, shooting, shooting, we the preyAlways shoot (Prey)I'mma be trill, you should be trill tooYou don't even gotta talk we just shootAnd I feel so tired of being insecureJust give it upDon't give a fuckLight it on fire [Verse 3: Nas]Yeah, yo checkI am Sugar Ray Robinson, Booker T. WashingtonW. E. B. Du Bois, I'm the modern oneYelling at Senators, Presidents, CongressmenWe got a problem that needs some acknowledgementI am no prison commodity, not just a body you throw in a cellFor any reason, just to bother meJust for your quota, so it's rest in peace to Sean BellSleep in peace Eric Garner (Sandra)Every street, every cornerConspiracy, new world orderI spoke to Tamir Rice mom and she told me
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