Текст песни Utopia - Mimi Gets Mad

I'll never grow up, I won't try I can live with that, don't ask why I am resigned that this is me If I can take it, why can't she? I am bad at my best, but she will not accept that I can't get away with things I might regret She makes me get started when nothing's ever through And I do the best that I can do but Mimi gets mad when I make her wait Mimi gets mad when I phone too late But then Mimi gets sad if I hurt myself Can't say that about nobody else Someone should tell her honestly She is a fool to count on me I swore there would be no delay I should have been here yesterday So I sneak in the door and there she is again She could squeeze off a shot just as soon as look at me She don't say a word and every word is true And if that's the best that I can do then Mimi gets mad every time I'm wrong Mimi gets mad when I sleep too long But then Mimi gets glad when I do my share See no smile but I know it's there There must be a dozen other boys
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