Текст песни Utopia - The Ikon

On a day like no other In a time unique, in a place divine Keep your eye on the Ikon Shining in the light of eternal mind. I went to sleep a blind man But when I awoke I saw The legions of the lonely See their faces, hear them call. See how they hang on Each one in a world of his own design Listen to the Ikon Ringing in the sound of eternal mind. And the music plays forever And it captures every ear And the sound of barriers crashing down Is the sweet harmony you hear. Still, be still To strong, so be still Much too long, come down Be still, look around Listen here, be still Hear the sound, be still. Still we are here We are still Will we sing sweet Sing we will Still we are here We are still Nil is a fear all is nil Still we are here we are still Spill it let go let it spill. The question comes to mind About what should be done And how much of the old will die That the new may be begun But you don't have to be afraid Of being alone with nowhere to run. You don't have to be afraid To look yourself in the eye You don't have to be afraid not to lie. Someone knows who you are Someone watches over you Someone knows how you feel And someone feels the same. So you don't have to be afraid Never fear, for you are living in eternal mind For those who still recoil For those who fear the pain
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