Текст песни VAMPS - Break free

We're all suckers playing the same game. It's the only way (Yeah, the only way) We're all suffering in the same cage. And, there's no escape (Yeah, there's no escape) Will the sound of fighting ever quit? Can you hear me screaming over it? Break free — I will break free! I won't live by the rules you give me It's my way or the highway I'm so much stronger than you thought I could be Break free — I will break free! No, I don't care who you think I should be It's my way or the highway I will break free! I got your poison out of my skin. I can feel a change. (I can feel a change) And, there's no way you're pulling me back in I won't play your games. (I won't play your games) All your wars, they never seem to quit. So now, I am finally sick of it. Who are you fighting? Who are you fighting for? Who are you fighting?
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