Текст песни Vince Staples - Crabs in a Bucket

[Intro: Vince Staples]Crabs in a bucket.[Verse 1: Vince Staples]Crabs in a bucket,Wanna see you at the bottom, don't you love it?When they're hatin', so you hit 'em with the encore,Sendin' shots but you at the top floor.Let 'em pop shit, give me some drums to go pop with,Need white women at the shows unconscious,If not that then topless, earned all this.Get with that or get in the moshpit,Where's your moxie? Ain't you from Poppy?Young man, you not actin' too cocky.Prolly 'cause I'm feelin' like the world gon' crash,Read a hundred something on the E-class dash,If I'm feelin' funny, guaranteed gon' flash.Cock back, blast, put 'em in a bag,Prolly gon' regret it in the retrospect,Got a lot of problems I ain't let go yet.[Verse 2: Vince Staples]Spend a lot of money on the CDG,Ain't I lookin' lovely on the TV screen?

Battle with the white man day by day,Feds takin' pictures doin' play by play,They don't ever want to see the black man eat,Nails in the black man's hands and feet,Put him on a cross so we put him on a chain,Lying to me, sayin' he don't look like me.Rollcage on the GT3,How a show on stage like a DVD?Put me in the MoMA when it's over with,I used to look up to the sky, now I'm over shit.[Outro: Kilo Kish]Remember that I still got you,I still got you here,It's rare they'd come across you?I kept you hidden in my head.Drownin' in my own ocean,I forgot to care,And you can drop the anchor, baby,I know what's under there.It never really crossed my mind to think,Maybe you'd avert your glance at me?Ever really cross your mind,Ever really cross your mindI ain't never had no chance to breathe?
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