Текст песни Visions Of Atlantis - Return to Lemuria

Clementine: When I dare close my eyes, I feel the vibrant morning rise On the shores of that dear and secret island. Siegfried: I've waited for too long To join you where true loves belongs Let's embark on a journey back to our land. [Chorus]: Leave the world behind this once in a lifetime. Our compass will reveal The place where "us" is real. Sailing the sea where our legend will live, All our stories and memories are mine to believe. Walking there, hand in hand As kings of our own land, Our return to Lemuria. Clementine: Until the day has come I wish to stay with you alone, But I dread that you'll leave without a warning. Siegfried: I hear your words my dear inside I share this deepest fear, But we know there will dawn a darker morning. [Chorus]x2 Clementine: Holding you in my heart As we sail apart, End the dream called Lemuria.
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