Текст песни Walk the Moon - All I Want

[Verse 1:] Bare feet on the pavement Dilated eyes in the blue sunrise No! That's not me - you must be mistaken I've been an angel my whole life How well do you know yourself? How clear without the mirror of someone else Cause sometimes I see darkness in me Cause sometimes my shadow gets the best of me A black black so pitch that I cannot breathe And I cannot speak, can't reach inside Not hollow but dense, equal to the light, well How well do you know your limits? The deeper the dream the longer you're in it [Pre-Chorus 1:] Maybe if I had a little more money Maybe if I had a little more sex Maybe with a little more peace and quiet Maybe I could make a little more sense of it [Chorus: 7x] All that I want [Verse 2:] The river of cars keeps flowing All I can see is what's right in front of me This isn't where I thought I was going This isn't who I thought I would be Met a man in the cab today Moved here from across the ocean someplace Where his family waits, but he's all alone To drive a cab all day and send it all back home And I would have felt bad but he flashed his eyes And I could hear the joy in his voice It was like there was nowhere in the world that he'd rather be Than here, in a cab, driving me [Pre-Chorus 2:] Maybe if I went out less on the weekend Maybe if I just didn't exist Maybe if I was straight Maybe if I was vegan Maybe if I still had you to kiss [Chorus: 14x] All that I want [Bridge:] I am my own sanctuary I am my own hero I am my own teacher I am my own best friend I am my own comfort food I am my own fix I am my own love of my life/life partner I am my own sanctuary I am my own sanctuary
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