Текст песни Walter Becker - Circus money

They bang the hammer and they pitch the tentsThrow up some posters for the residentsYour daddy’s footfalls on the rain-slicked streetsYou try to keep up with your tiny feetsTake it easy baby nice and slowLittle Walter’s got a ways to goI lacks a nickel momma don’t you knowCircus money for the early showThe tiger’s sleeping and he can’t wake upYou pitch some pennies in a paper cupThey guess your age — they guess your weightYou toss the softballs at the china plates

Hold’er steady baby there you goLet me hit you honey sweet and lowThus the tab is written blow by blowCircus money for the evening showAll the horses baby all the menRound the circle and around againYou watch some hobo take a nasty spillLaugh like a bastardoh you know you willYou got to have it when you first walk upYou drop a dollar in the old tin cupYou’re gonna need it when it’s time to goCircus money for the late late show
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