Текст песни Walter Becker - Lucky Henry

Dusted down in shanty town behind a sky of redHoist upon some frozen dawnexploding in my headFast asleep in trouble deepor wide awake and burningStuck inside some stranger's hidewhose karma keeps returningWhere you trail that holy grail of darkness and despairWay cross town, now up now down,as though you'd really careOn the bus across from us seen once in silhouetteThe old man's faceyou couldn't placethat now you can't forgetDown and dirtyThere you goLucky Henry says helloBurned his bridges high and lowAnd down the road and goneIt's raining boxcars

did you knowFrom County Cook to BaltimoreWhere ever those old jockeys goTo live out their lifelinesBurning down that two lane townthe boys call HollywoodKicked around now lost now foundnow lost again for goodBadly placed or half erasedor lost in space and timeAnd all because the real one was the disappearing kindNow you tumbleNow you knowLucky Henry says helloScratched in verses high and lowAnd down to hell and gone I'm toldIt's raining boxcars that's for sureFrom Bakersfield to ElsinoreFor all what I care anymoreFor now and forever gone gone gone
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