Текст песни Walter Becker - My Waterloo

I came a long long way from homeI travelled far justto be here todayAcross an endless sea of salty tearsBehind the divided lineof eighteen yearsYou gotta walk that road aloneYou gotta walk that lonelyI wear my heart out on my sleeveA sight you surely must have spied by nowI admit that I don't even know your nameI feel like I could know you all the sameAre you gonna walk that road with meOr is it gonna be that lonelyAre you gonna walk that road with me sometimeDon't make me be that lonely

It's still no easy thing to hold your head up highWhen every time you turn aroundSomebody kicks your statue downI tried my best to hold my groundI swore I'd never let it be this wayBut now I broke my sword, dropped my gunJust like some tragic beat NapoleonNow I gotta walk that road againNow I gotta walk that lonelyNow I gotta walk that road one timeNow I gotta be that lonelyWhat with no better way to goAs long as I'm still kicking that gong aroundI see this time I met my match in youI know now that you are My WaterlooMy Waterloo
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