Текст песни Walter Trout - Obstacles in my way

All these trials and tribulationsAll these frustrating situationsAnd all these obstaclesthat are in my wayThey try to get the best of meEvery dayI'm stuck in the middleI don't know which the way to goAnd how to get backI really don't knowBut know my painIs nothing anyone can doDon't ever make me turn my back, babyTurn my back on youI couldn't turn my back on you, baby

Everybody trying to get some for nothingBuddy won't you lend a handWhole lotta people just screaming and cryingBut they just don't understandI cry please, please don't do me wrongI can't hold on to alone, I can'tThe man with the money,they keep changing his mindHe's doing all that he can doto keep you people in lineI just keep pushingto make it through another dayWith all these obstaclesthat are in my way
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