Текст песни Waterboys, the - Destinies entwined

Her point of view was radicalMore than just a change of planShe sold me her proposalWhich I did not understandShe said the secret is in the roadI tried to decode the signsAnd followed her for seven yearsAll eyes and earsOur destinies entwinedOur destinies entwinedThe new land lay like EdenUnderneath my hungry feetIts trees were tallIts people all so noble in defeatMen were diggingMen were buildingMen were killing timeI took a spade and volunteeredA pioneerOur destinies entwinedOur destinies entwinedI made a stand on principleBut I had not grasped the factsOne folly breeds anotherI made all the wrong contactsI fell in with strange companyFor their armour it did shine

I took the only path I knewThey took it tooOur destinies entwinedOur destinies entwinedWhile all men shouted black is whiteAnd swore that good is illI saw three crosses pierce the skyAbove a distant hillThe sky burned red as I turned my headAnd I left that scene behindI took another god to be my guideThe one insideOur destinies entwinedOur destinies entwinedI lay in bed and as stumbledFrom the vale of sleepAcross the theatre of my mindA passing thought did creepThat love is all and all is loveLove infinitely kindI woke and glimpsed through prison barsA billion starsOur destinies entwinedOur destinies entwinedOur destinies entwinedOur destinies entwined
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