Текст песни Waterboys, the - Red Army blues

When I left my home and my familyMy mother said to me"Son, it's not how many Germans you kill that countsIt's how many people you set free! "So I packed my bagsBrushed my capWalked out into the worldSeventeen years oldNever kissed a girlTook the train to VoronezhThat was as far as it would goChanged my sacks for a uniformBit my lip against the snowI prayed for mother RussiaIn the summer of '43And as we drove the Germans backI really believedThat God was listening to meWe howled into BerlinTore the smoking buildings downRaised the red flag highBurnt the Reichstag brownI saw my first AmericanAnd he looked a lot like meHe had the same kinda farmer's faceSaid he'd come from some place called Hazzard, Tennessee

Then the war was overMy discharge papers cameMe and twenty hundred othersWent to Stettiner for the trainKiev! Said the commissarFrom there your own way homeBut I never got to KievWe never came by homeTrain went north to the TaigaWe were stripped and marched in fileUp the great siberian roadFor miles and miles and miles and milesDressed in stripes and tattersIn a gulag left to dieAll because Comrade Stalin was scared thatWe'd become too westernized!Used to love my countryUsed to be so youngUsed to believe that life wasThe best song ever sungI would have died for my countryIn 1945But now only one thing remainsBut now only one thing remainsBut now only one thing remainsBut now only one thing remainsThe brute will to survive!
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