Текст песни Watsky - Wounded Healer

[Verse 1]His footprints are fading away from the beachWe're not a family to pray or to preachBut daddy's best friend took a handful of pills and now he's at a podium making a speechYesterday night after darkHe carefully wrote his remarksBut everyone said what he put on his page so he threw it way and went straight from the heart[Hook]I thought this was a partyBut all my friends are leavingAnd I still want to playYou wrecked me when you stepped outCause you're the wounded healerAnd you're supposed to stay

[Verse 2]A year's a bottle in a bucket of trashIt'll tip over the more that it stacksDidn't notice it till now but dad's been moving slower every time we go play catchI'm scared of the day when he'll carry a caneI carry his dreamI carry his nameAnd when papa is gone he will never be gone because the sound of our sneeze is the sameGod bless IHear your voiceIn mineI want to stop timeLike a carnival rideBecauseI don't know what I'm saying but I mean it
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