Текст песни Whiskey Myers - Mud

Oh, Lord, won't you let me stay in the place where I was born? In the fields Granddaddy tilled and all my seeds are sown Ain't no love for a poor dirt farmer, genuine son of the south And the water's high and the bills are too and the levy tumbling down Daddy owed the banker man So, we was drowning before the flood That river washed us all away Left us right here in the mud Yeah, in the mud We built this house upon the Mississippi back in 1879 Over a hundred years my family's been here barely scraping by We just some good old country folks just trying to weather the storm How we gonna pay when the interest rates done got higher than the corn? Ain't no man gonna take it away 'Cause it's deep down in my blood Step across that old property line And you'll die Right here in the mud Yeah, in the mud Who's this creeping through the sticks Let me talk at 'em with my thirty ought six A couple city guys with suits and ties Bet they can't feel this crosshair right between their eyes I got no place to go and no place to run Just a dirt farmer's boy with his Granddaddy's gun Step across that line, I'm gonna tell you, son We're all gonna die right here in the mud, Yeah, in the mud
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