Текст песни Whitney Houston - Unashamed

If I changed my mind,if I changed my faith,every time a stop light signaledeach time I made mistakesI don't think that Iwould be where I am todayI live my life without regretswhat you see iswhat you see iswhat you see is what you getAnd I'm [Chorus:]Unashamed of the life I leadunashamed of the strength on my kneesof choices I've made,of the love that I've savedof the things I've done,my belief in the OneUnashamed of the words of my friends,i know who they aremake mistakes, make amendsfollow my instincts, my star

on my sleeve i wear my heartunashamed Adding up my life, it totals all my dreamsI'm counting all my blessingsand the gifts I have receivedStill there's always someonesomething to overcomeTook all my life to understandthat I am what I am, who I amunashamed [Chorus]do you wanna know how it goes?Do you wanna control how I feel?Do you wanna stay in my life?Then listen here, and listen good,you got to get it,got to get it,got to get it right!Unashamed [Chorus]
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